2019: Adamawa South yearns for Sen Bent

No doubt, it is more than seven years that she was a senator serving the Adamawa Southern Senatorial zone comprising eight local governments of Adamawa state. Now, the people of the senatorial zone are yearning for the return of Senator Grace Folashade Bent, to the Senate to serve them again in 2019.
The people of the zone are making a clarion call to her to vie for the position of senator in order to rescue them from the shackles of deprivation, underdevelopment and want. Senator Bent has meritoriously served the constituency through her people-oriented policies and programmes. She is the only senator in the history of the state that has a large heart that accommodates all the different shades of people, irrespective of tribe and religion. Senator Grace Bent is the only politician that sought the mandate of the people and delivered on her campaign promises.
It is on record that Grace Bent has positively touched the lives of the people of the constituency through concerted programmes that till date, the people are enjoying the dividend of democracy.
During her stewardship a the Senator representing the Adamawa Southern Senatorial Zone for good four years, she constructed a good number of roads, thereby bringing succour to the people in transporting their farm produce and opening viable economic activities.
Grace Bent has tremendous respect for the people, especially the common man and woman of the Southern Senatorial Zone, and imbibes the norms and culture of the various tribes that abound in the eight local government areas that make up the constituency. It is because of this that the people are still yearning for her representation at the red chamber of the National Assembly come 2019.
During her stewardship as the senator representing the zone she constructed health clinics and fully equipped them in the senatorial zone. She also provided motorized boreholes all over the constituency in order for the people to access portable drinking water.
Senator Bent has opened a new vista in representation because of her populist programmes that directly touched the lives of the people. During her stewardship as the senator representing the Adamawa Southern zone, she inculcated in the people to always demand from their representatives the dividend of democracy.
Senator Bent has the rope of politics, especially in representation having served the people who gave her the mandate and never let them down. She never wavered in her attempt to deliver the basic necessities of life to the people when she was the senator representing the Adamawa Southern Senatorial zone.
The people are very proud of her sterling qualities. She provided the people with fertilizer to till their farms while serving as a senator thereby increasing farming activities in the senatorial zone.
She left behind an enduring long lasting legacy anchored on selfless service and good representation. It is based on this, that the people in the Southern zone of Adamawa state are now showing their support to this enigma and woman of substance to contest again in 2019 to represent them in the red chamber of the National Assembly.
This is a clarion call that needs to be answered by Gogo Grace Folashade Bent. The people have not forgotten what she did for them and they want a repeat.

Usman Santuraki,
No2, Santuraki Close,
Jambutu, Jimeta, Yola

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