2015: Avoid self-seeking politicians, minister tells youths

Minister of interior, Comrade Patrick Abba Moro, has called on Nigerian youths to avoid desperate politicians who may likely use the adolescent population to scuttle the fledging democratic dispensation for purely selfish reasons detrimental to national development.
Moro also remarked that the nation’s political history shows that “unscrupulous politicians” regard youths as better tools to be used for the disruption of a political process that does not favour them.
The minister told a delegation of Abuja-based Benue State youth corps members who visited him in Abuja yesterday.
He  warned the youths to be careful not to yield to the influence of ‘ultra-self politicians’ who, he said move about with negative inclinations and sufficient resources to use the political situation to covert the process for gainful ends
“You represent the future of Benue and of Nigeria. I want you to pick interest in what is happening with the politics of the country and the position of Benue state in Nigerian politics today because politics in Nigeria represents the main catalyst of igniting the very essence of existence.
“The young generation must play very active part in the election of 2015 because the election represents a phase in the life of this country since it is the essence of the forward match of the country to the future.”
Leader of the group,  Mr. Thomas Isekaa Ogeer told the minister that the group was at the ministry to confer him with an award as the best performing minister from Benue state

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