10th senate: Will Abbo now focus on governance?

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Senator Ishaku Abbo, alias SIA, of Adamawa North, Adamawa state, was elected to the Nigerian senate in 2019 on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) platform. He was re-elected in 2023 under the banner of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

In 2019, he promised to initiate legislative reforms to better Nigerians’ lives and provide sustainable development in his constituency. His campaign promises were impressive and ambitious, ranging from healthcare reform, reduction of unemployment rate to rural development. However, almost two years into his mandate, Abbo’s performance left many disappointed.

He made a lot of promises but failed to fulfill any of them. The promises included reconstruction of Jabbi-Lamba Malabu Konkol Belel road yet this remained a tale by moonlight. The road is in a deplorable condition.

Also, Senator Abbo lacked political will. During his first four years in office, Abbo seemed to have a change of heart as he did not take his promises seriously. Despite promising to strengthen healthcare delivery, he did not make any effort to provide good health facilities or ensure the availability of adequate drugs and personnel.

Similarly, the senator showed no interest in supporting agriculture in his constituency, despite claiming that it was a priority.

He instead was too busy with his personal business, and engaged in a political battle with Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, having little time for his constituents. He did not hold town hall meetings or listened to the concerns of his constituents.

Moreover, the senator was absent from several sessions in the senate, including the budget planning sessions. Therefore, it was challenging for him to advocate the needs of his constituents and get adequate resources allocated to critical sectors.

The question remains how the people of M5 (Michika, Madagali, Maiha, Mubi North and South) will believe that their welfare is prioritised over his personal interests in the 10th senate. This time around, will Abbo be ready to provide quality representation and work in the interest of the people?

,Yusuf Saidu Tara
Konkol, Maiha local government area, Adamawa state.