Senator Misau and the burden of proof

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Since the past three weeks, the Nigerian media have been feasting on allegations and counter allegations between the Nigeria Police Force and Senator Isah Hamman Misau, representing Bauchi Central.

Senator Misau rose through the ranks to the rank of a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) before he ‘deserted,’ according to the police authorities, and joined politics.

Misau, on August 22, 2017, in a media interview alleged that the police top hierarchy collects bribe for promotions.

Also, while briefi ng the media at a latter date, Misau accused the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) and the Police Service Commission chairman, IGP Mike Okiro (Rtd.), of corruption.

He also alleged while responding to questions on a programme in Channels Television that he was ‘informed’ that some oil companies pay monies to the account of the Nigeria Police Force for security the police provided for them.

Misau shamefully and forgetting the day of reckoning fabricated lies against the force, and the person of IGP.

I want Nigerians and his fans to join me to beg the lawmaker to come out and substantiate his claims with facts and evidence so that this matter can rest fi nally.

With these weighty and serious allegations, there is the need for Misau to come up with proofs for Nigerians to believe what he is allegations.

Th is is a heavy burden he must off -load.

Nigerians are, therefore, anxiously waiting.

Th ere is a principle in law popularly known as Onus Probandi which states that it is the duty of a party to present evidence on the facts in an issue necessary to establish his claim.

It is also a well- known fact that he who alleges also has the burden of proof considering that allegations do not prove themselves.

Misau, a runaway police man, knows very well how to gather pieces of evidence and facts of an issue.

He should, therefore, assist Nigerians by bringing out his proofs either through presentation of testimonial, documentary or object.

It is only through this, that Nigerians can take him serious.

Senator Misau should come out with the lists of names of oil companies, how much they paid and the channel through which the payments were made to the IGP or any other top police offi cer as contained in his allegations.

It is, however, shameful for Misau, as enlightened as he is, to tell the world in a global TV station that he is basing his allegations in unsubstantiated rumours and side–talks.

It would be recalled that when Senator Misau on August 22, 2017, fi rst raised the allegation that the police top hierarchy collects bribe for promotions, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris, immediately, sets up a panel to dig into the issue in an eff ort to halt the practice, if found to be true.

Th e committee, as part of its fact –fi ndings, invited the senator to shed light on his allegations, but he refused to honour the invitation.

Even though one is not in any way trying to defend the Nigeria Police Force, one is, however, tempted to view the allegations by Misau with suspicion, hence can best be described as done with malicious and bad intention with the aim of achieving an ulterior motive.

Misau should please come out and talk to Nigerians so that we can all put this matter to rest.

Th e suspicions surrounding Senator Misau’s allegations are premised on the fact that a panel was constituted and he was invited, but he refused to honour both invitations sent directly to him and the one sent through the Senate President.

Th e panel also took the pain and went to Misau at the National Assembly for discussion, he also refused to say anything.

Th e Police Service Commission (PSC), the body responsible for promotion, welfare and discipline of the Police Force, also few days ago, invited Senator Misau.

But as at today, there is no record that he has honoured that invitation.

Also, the Nigeria Police alleged that the retirement letter Misau presented to the media was forged.

All these, Senator Misau has not taken time to prove.

Misau was ADC to three successive ministers of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

If transfers, promotions and postings in the Nigeria Police Force is riddled with corruption, as alleged by Misau, it then implies that Senator Misau paid heavily to retain such posting.

Misau should tell Nigerians how much he paid to the previous IGPs he worked under to retain his posting as ADC to three consecutive ministers of the FCT.

Misau, please come out and oblige the public with proofs of your allegations, as millions of Nigerians who are desirous of sanitizing the Nigeria Police Force are curiously waiting.

Senator Misau should also know that it is a public knowledge that his son -in-law is allegedly a serving Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of Police presently serving at the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Kuru.

It is also alleged that Misau has spent over N300 million to lobby in order to displace IGP Idris so that his son in-law will replace him.

Misau should know that he has a heavy burden resting on his shoulders which will follow him to his grave when he is called to rest by his Maker until and when he decides to prove these allegations.

Misau should know that, as a Muslim, (if he is a true one), this is one of the issues he will answer before his creator if it is left unsubstantiated and without proofs.

It is, therefore, necessary to stress here that as long as these allegations remain unsubstantiated, Misau should apologise to the Nigeria Police Force and, indeed, entire Nigerians for raising false allegations and heating up the polity unnecessarily.

It is, therefore, expedient for one to appeal to Senator Misau to please leave the IGP and the entire Nigeria Police Force alone.

He has left the force, hence, should not be a stumbling block to its success.

He should allow the IGP to continue the good work he is currently doing in an eff ort to halt crime and criminality in all parts of the country.

Nigerians are living witnesses to the many remarkable achievements the Nigeria Police Force is recording in recent times.

Abayomi, a public aff airs analyst, writes from Abuja



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